Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer

Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer

Tractor Trailor collisions involving passenger cars often cause serious or even fatal injuries. The sheer size of commercial trucks combined with their speed can result in deadly accidents. It is no wonder that commercial trucking companies carry significant liability insurance.

Boyd B. Newton represents individuals who have been injured and the families of those killed by commercial trucks. Mr. Newton is prepred for litigation against the trucking industry. Mr. Newton spent the first ten years of his legal career defending trucking companies, their drivers, and their insurers. Mr. Newton knows first hand that after a commercial truck wreck, lawyers for the trucking company will immediately begin investigating possible causes of the collision such as driver error, driver fatigue, or mechanical failure. Insurance adjusters will contact witnesses and the injured party to obtain a recorded statement favorable to the trucking company.

It is important for any person injured by a commercial tractor trailor to seek appropriate medical attention and then contact an attorney as soon as possible. Mr. Newton provides those injured by a commercial truck with the advice needed to navigate the obstacles presented by the trucking industry following a serious collision. Mr. Newton fights hard to help his clients recover for their medical expenses, lost wages, out of pocket expenses, pain and suffering.

If you or a member of your family have been involved in a motor vehicle collision with a commercial truck, contact Boyd B. Newton today.