Atlanta Accident Lawyer – Slip and Fall

Atlanta Premises Liability Attorney

Slip and Fall accidents are common. Failure for a business or landlord to provide a safe environment can cause people to become injured. These types of injuries are common.  One needs a lawyer that knows how to successfully fight and win these cases, Boyd Newton is one such attorney.

Who is responsible when a sexual assault occurs in an apartment complex, hotel, or shopping mall parking lot? A skilled and experienced Atlanta premises liability lawyer is a valuable resource for people seeking legal counsel and representation following preventable attacks such as these. To determine whether negligent, inadequate security may have been the cause of your assault injury, contact us today for a free consultation.

Boyd Newton brings knowledge and experience to bear in the pursuit of a successful resolution to every premises liability case. If property owners should have, but did not, take adequate security measures to make a building or parking garage safe and you were injured because of it. Boyd Newton can advocate on your behalf. Our firm is prepared to aggressively seek the compensation that you are entitled to after a dog bite, swimming pool accident, or other injury caused by inattentive or irresponsible owners