Senators Request FDA Investigate Dietary Supplements

According to The Hill (2/5, Wheeler, 224K) Senators are encouraging the FDA to launch a “nationwide investigation after four major retailers were accused of selling mislabeled and tainted dietary supplements in their New York stores” by the state’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said in a statement, “Today, Sen. [Richard] Blumenthal [D-CT] and I are calling on the FDA to…take steps to protect all American consumers from an industry shown to be selling products they know are at best, ineffective, and at worst, truly harmful.” Sen. Blumenthal said in a statement, “The apparent widespread sale of fraudulently-labeled dietary supplements by four major national retailers should be a major wake-up call that the industry is in desperate need of additional oversight.”
The need for increased oversight over dietary substances is substantiated by the fact that US consumers “are nuts” for products they believe help them “boost their health and lose weight,” despite a “series of studies and investigations that have cast serious doubt on the safety and reliability of” dietary supplements, the Washington Post (2/5, Millman, 5.17M) “Wonkblog” reported. The popularity of dietary supplements is maintained by the “common public misperception that these products face the same rigorous oversight that pharmaceuticals receive from the FDA.” A report from the HHS Inspector General in 2012 “found that 20 percent of the weight loss and immune system support supplements they purchased made illegal claims about their ability to treat and cure disease,” and just a year later, researchers from Harvard “found that between 2004 and 2012, there were 237 recalls of dietary supplements — accounting for more than half of FDA recalls of Class 1 drugs,” which signifies that “the products contain substances that can cause death or serious health problems.”