Senator Charles Grassley: Nonprofit Hospitals Who Sue Poor Patients Over Unpaid Bills Could Be Breaking The Law

Fox News (1/25, 8.25M) reports that “Sen. Charles Grassley [R-IA] is calling out nonprofit hospitals who are suing poor patients over unpaid bills and says they could be breaking the law, according to a report by ProPublica and NPR.” Senator Grassley “sent a letter, dated January 16, 2015, to Heartland Regional Medical Center, a nonprofit hospital in St. Joseph, Mo., that has garnished the wages of low-income patients who were unable to pay their medical bills.” Sen. Grassley, “citing the ProPublica (1/26, 7K) and NPR (1/22, 1.58M) report…said the hospital, which recently changed its name to Mosaic Life Care, had stretched the law to the breaking point,” writing that the hospital, “may not be meeting the requirements to be a nonprofit, tax-exempt hospital.”