DePuy Pinnacle Hip MDL Formed in Texas

The DePuy ASR metal-on-metal artificial hip was recalled in August 2010 because of an increased rate of second or follow-up surgeries occurring shortly after the original hip implant.  A large number of revision surgeries are due to metal debris from separating from metal components in the device.  Not long after the recall, the DePuy ASR MDL was formed in the Northern District of Ohio for all lawsuits filed in federal courts across the country. 

The DePuy ASR hip is not the only hip device that DePuy Orthopedics makes.  DePuy also manufactures various models of the DePuy Pinnacle hip device.  The Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip is much like the ASR model.  Metal poisoning and follow up surgeries are occurring in both DePuy devices.  There have been several lawsuits around the country concerning the metal-on-metal Pinnacle device. Several attorneys requested that a DePuy Pinnacle MDL be created. As a result of their requests, the DePuy Pinnacle MDL was assigned to Judge James E. Kinkeade in the Northern District of Texas. Judge Kinkeade will decide which Pinnacle device models will be included in the MDL in the weeks or months to come.

Anyone with either the ASR or Pinnacle hips should have their case investigated to determine its merits.  For more information, contact Boyd B. Newton, an Atlanta Product Liability Lawyer or visit us online at